Packaging and Chemicals : Miscellaneous

*****Non Stock Item - Special OrderEA
BACA2110Basket Grey Rattan Rect 2110 Drawer*EA
BACA2169Basket Set/2 Open Weave 2169 Rect*EA
BACA2487Basket Maize 2487 Picnic*EA
BACA3115Baskt Tray Navy Paper 3115 W/handle*EA
BACA3128Basket Pale Palm Leaf 3128 Tray*EA
BACA4426Basket S/3 Grey Grass Bamboo Drawer*EA
BACA4450Baskt Dark Open Weave 4450 Oval *EA
BACAHBasket "h" Honey Willow Tray*EA
BACAHABasket Cane Rect/palm "b" Handles*EA
BACAKBasket Rattan Peel Drawer 2064 Rect*EA
BACAM1Basket "m1"sml Oval Grey Seagrass*EA
BACAM2Basket "m2" Med Oval Grey Seagrass*EA
BACAM3Basket "m3" Large Oval Grey Seagrass*EA
BOGLANBowl Glass Coffee Decanter 1.8ltr*EA

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