Frozen : Breads and Pastry

PISHAU7Pie Shell Savoury #60 Aus/past 200x7cmEA
PISHGFRBPie Shell Savoury G/f#99 R/b 40x99mmCTN
PISHRB125Pie Shell Svy Wtop Pbtd R/bk 60x125mmCTN
PISHRB99Pie Shell Svy Pb99 R/bake 144x99mmCTN
PISHRBOTPie Shell Oval Svy W/top R/bake 130mmCTN
PISHTORBPie Shell Svy G/f W/top Rb 20x99mCTN
SPROWR20Spring Roll Wrap 8.5" 275g(pkt)PKT
TASHAU10Tart Shell Reg#52 Aus/pastry 120x10cmEA
TASHAU10DTart Shell #54 Aus/past Deep 72x10cmEA
TASHAU19DTart Shell #56 Aus/pas 30x19cm DeepEA
TASHAU7Tart Shell #50 Aus/past Reg 200x7cmEA
TASHBA4002STart Shell Sav Sq Bard 3.3cm (144)EA
TASHBAU10Tart Shell #82 Baked A/patr 120x10cmEA
TASHBAU7Tart Shell #80 Baked A/patr 196x7cmEA
TASHGF62Tart Shell Swt G/f#62 R/bake 72x62mmCTN

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