Frozen : Breads and Pastry

PAPUNZPastry Flake Puff Nz Qfs 10kCTN
PAPUNZ1Pastry Ideal Puff Sheets Nz Qfs 1kgEA
PAPUPA1Pastry Puff Sheets Pampas 1kEA
PAPUPA10Pastry Puff Roll 31248 Pampas 10kgEA
PAPUPA5Pastry Puff Roll 31252 Pampas 2x5kgEA
PASHMOPie Base Shortening Twoinone Moi 15kCTN
PASHNZPastry Savoury Short 5%but Nz Qfs 10kCTN
PASHPA10Pastry Short Roll 31249 Pampas 10kgEA
PASHPA900Pastry Short Sheets Pampas 1kgEA
PASHVAPie Base Shortening Vantage Eoi 15kCTN
PIBA12Pizza Base Thin Rosita 12"x 15EA
PIBA9Pizza Base Thin Rositas 9"x48EA
PIBADE10Pizza Base 8960 Speedibake 12"x 20EA
PIBADE9Pizza Base 8961 Speedibake 9"x 50EA
PIBAGATJPizza Base Garlic Thick Tj's 20x10"CTN

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