Fresh : Prawns, Oysters and Lobsters

OYBIJCOyster Frsh Bistro Syd Rock 5dzEA
OYJAKI12Oyster Fresh JarEA
OYPAJCOyster Fresh Standard 10dzEA
OYSEJCOyster Fresh Select Syd Rock 10dzEA
OYSEJC5Oyster Fresh Select Syd Rock 5dzEA
OYSELAOyster Fresh Standard 5 DzEA
OYSPKI10Oyster Fresh Syd/rock Bistro 10dzCTN
OYTAOyster Fresh Tas Pacific 10dzEA
OYTA5Oyster Fresh Pacific 5dzEA
PRCOMKPrawns Cooked Tiger Lg Fresh R.w.~ 1kg @ $30.65 per/kg
PRGRLAPrawn Green King Large R.w.~ 1kg @ $15.75 per/kg

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